PCC Streetcar pair from Toronto Canada or pick St Louis PCC #1700 in lot of 2

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PCC Streetcar pair from Toronto Canada or pick St Louis PCC #1700 in lot of 2

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Here are 2 1948 Toronto PCC Cars #4404 & #4472 for $22.000 as they stand.   #4404 is at South Lake Tahoe 96150;  #4472 is in Colfax CA 75713.    Both cars are nearly complete, but will need extensive body and underfloor rebuild due to salt corrosion.    Toronto #4404 is on Canadian Gauge trucks 58 & 7/8".   #4472  has Standard Gauge Westinghouse B-3 trucks. (interior picture  4).

Also in Colfax we have a 1945 San Francisco PCC ex StLPT #1700, first of series; to SF 1957 their first of series #1101.    The SF car is much better structurally, but needs interior parts donor PCC car such as one of the Toronto cars offered in this listing.  (picture 6)

We sell the two Canadian cars #4404 & #4472 for $22,000.  Or, SF 1101 and one of the Canadian cars #4404 for the same price $22,000.    If combining the SF and Toronto #4472, price higher: $25,000 account higher value Westinghouse B-3 trucks with #4472.    We have available 32 contact Multiple Unit (MU) couplers at extra cost for running PCC cars in tandem.     Used in Johnstown and Toronto PCC operations.


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