Steam Locomotive Headlamp #35

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Steam Locomotive Headlamp #35

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This headlight with original glass number plates came off a full size steam locomotive!!  I have wired it for household use!  After I wired it, I decided to disassemble, sandblast, and powder-coat the body and parts.  I have sandblasted the unit and removed most of the parts but I need to drill our some stubborn pins and I have put this project aside.  So it will require finishing.  It does say Chicago Illinois on the light as well as the main tag which I included in the photos.  Happy to answer any questions.  This item is large and heavy.  I would be happy to deliver within reason for an additional fee.  Have the coolest night light around.  I can also finish and powder coat any color(s) for 1100.00 extra for labor and materials.

See you down the track!

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