SP AC-6 MTH O Gauge 20-3125-1 #4126

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SP AC-6 MTH O Gauge 20-3125-1 #4126

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  • Hefty cast with fine detail, durable for safe pick up at convenient lift surfaces under model.
  • This nice example of postwar EsPee heavy power can be seen in Colfax CA Depot Museum model display.

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This is an O Gauge 3-rail MTH AC-6 MTH #20- 3125-1, new in box.  Need 0-72 track curves.   See pictures for paint and numbering/lettering.  This one has 1930's appearance except cab front panel is silver.    For postwar 1945-1955 apply the 20" SOUTHERN PACIFIC letters on tender, now has silver band across front of cab under the headlights, above the coupler.    Should be lubed and run slowly in yard limits before dispatch on tonnage...  NOTE  1946 Common Standard silver front panel paint applied for museum display at Colfax CA Historic Depot.  See current Employees Timetable and Special Instructions for Division tonnage ratings.  Note branch lines and spur tracks with restricted clearance where AC class not allowed to operate.

The Southern Pacific AC-6 class were numbered 4126 through 4150 inclusive.    #4126  was scrapped in 1954, as were most of the class.  Stragglers #4149 & 4150 operated through 1955, until December 1955.    Notable difference from the AC-7 and newer Cab Forwards was the semi-cylindrical 160-sc 16,000 gallon tender, and "flat front".   Only known example of these "water bottom"  tenders is seen on the SP 5021 in Perris CA. See Railway And Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin 94, David L. Joslyn's master work on the SP roster, into early1956. Diesels too!

Shop note: The early cab forwards required cab removal for tubes & flue R & R; the roomier AC-7 through AC-12 engine cabs had enough room in cab enclosure to permit handling tubes in & out.  If the superheater units & air pumps were removed, out the front of boiler was accessible.   Don't know the story on the conventional cab 3800's with coal stoker in the firebox door area.... AC-9 had big all-weather cabs like the GS4-5-6 engines.

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