1 1/2" Scale, 7 1/2" Gauge Steel Gondolas

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1 1/2" Scale, 7 1/2" Gauge Steel Gondolas

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You are buying (1) rideable gondola complete with trucks and couplers, and display section of track.

- 1 1/2" Scale, 7 1/2" Gauge Steel Gondolas -

One gondola is solely a passenger riding car. The other gondola is modified to be pulled directly behind a battery or gasoline powered engine/locomotive - the seat for the engineer to sit on can be adjusted so the engineer can put their feet directly on footpegs on the locomotive OR can be adjusted so the operators feet are inside on the floor of the gondola body. Also, the engineer's gondola has an extended coupler length where it couples to the locomotive.
Gondola's are NOT primed or painted anywhere. Gondola bodies are made completely from steel, and are durably built. Wooden seats are removable. Very light surface rust on parts of the steel metal body and some on the truck wheels. All trucks are from Cannonball and have been operated on fewer than 20 miles of railroad track since new. Everything has always and will continue to be stored inside our shop. These are 7 1/2" gauge, NOT 7 1/4".

There is a nearby place that can prime and paint the entire gondola bodies if you are interested in that. Buyer will have to pay for all priming/painting work done, maybe a few hundred dollars for both cars.

Gondola Dimensions -
     Width - Outside: 17" (16" minus angle iron ribs)      Inside: 14.5"
     Length: 7 ft or 84"
     Height - Body Only: 12"      From top of track rail to top of body: 16.25"
     Wooden Seats - Length: 9.75"      Width: 14.5"

- Display Rail Section - 8 ft length

- Shipping - I do not want to ship any of these items. You can pickup for free in Burwell, Nebraska. Depending on the time of year and buyer location, I can deliver to you for a small or no charge, again depending on time of year and the buyers location.

I am open to offers and questions. I would like to sell the cars together as a pair. But if you want only one gondola, the first buyer chooses which one they want.


Buyer pays shipping: Pickup location will be updated after order is received.

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