F7 Locomotive 7.5" Gauge

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F7 Locomotive 7.5" Gauge

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This is my scratch built F7. It does need some work. It has 4 traction motors. A Sabertooth 2X60 amp controller. Two fairly new  24 volt deep cycle batteries. A horn, LED lights a small Harb..Freigh.. compressor with a tank & pressure switch and relay to control it. It is used for brakes on the train. The engine does not have brakes, however the motor controller is very effective for stopping and reversing. The engine has a Tom Bee coupler in the front and isconnected to the engineers car with a bar. the back of the engineers car has a Tom Bee coupler.

The shell is 15" wide and 72.5" long. Couplers add to this.

Everything is mounted on a 3/16" steel plate with a radius cut in the front. The engines trucks are older and I was told that they were "Koster" trucks. They have cast aluminum side plates with bronze bushings, springs under a U channel with a hole that accepts a pin from the engine's base plate. The two side plates are attached together by a large bar in the middle and a square aluminum bar at each end. They have been fitted with newer 1/3HP permanent magnet motors that came from the Robot Shop. 2 of these motors will need to be replaced, although it will run as it is. The pinion gear and bull gear are readily available from McMaster Carr. The engine was completed in 2012 and has been run about 200 miles but has not been run in about 2 years. When we were running this regularly, I dissembled the trucks each year and oiled the bushings. It's about a 2-hour process. There is a large bell included that has never been hooked up and will need an electronic timmer to drive it. It plugs into the plate in front of the batteries. The shell is metal. the back two top panels are screwed on through the side. The top nose is made with several pie-shaped pieces of metal formed and welded in place, then a layer of Bondo was placed over it.

No charger is included.

A 2 seat engineers car is included. The control stick rotates a 5K pot for the motor controller, it's under the plastic rain cap. The cylinder on the stick is used to dampen the lever's movement. The lever has switches for the headlights, ditch lights and a button that activates the horn relay, the rest of the switches are extra. The small brass lever on the top of the square section of the stick is a Tom Bee brake pressure regulator. There is a circular military electrical connector and a TomBee brake style (Clippard) air hose connector that mates with the engine. The car has Tom Bee trucks with Brakes.

Bundle with my track and other cars to keep your shipping down

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