Gas-powered Yard Train

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Gas-powered Yard Train

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  • three cars, air whistle, very unique

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This train set is probably 45+ years old. It consists of:
stand-alone two-seat car
20 or so pieces of wooden track

The Engine:
air whistle
The last time this ran was about 10 years ago. I upgraded the 3hp to the current 6hp...mistake. 3hp is plenty for this. The f/r transmission leaks and the gearbox blew out the brass worm gear (it was already weak and the parts are all obsolete so you will need to "engineer" a new solution. This is a bit beyond me). It should have a 3hp put back in.
The cow catcher got caught on something and is a little broken but it just needs glued it's not a bad break.

The Caboose
this just hooks to engine and has the air tank for the whistle

The Stand-alone Car
this is a little 2-seater w a 3hp engine. It needs a new 3hp and a good cleaning.

The Track
20 or so pieces of 2x4 ties and 1x1 tracking. It's in good shape (at least it was when i put it in storage). If any of it is rotten, I can repair; easy fix.

i was told this was some sort of mail-order kit.

I have many more pictures.

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