Assorted lengths mine rail 12#/ yard App. 330 linear ft

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Assorted lengths mine rail 12#/ yard App. 330 linear ft

$660.00 & Local pickup only.
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These are lengths old hard rock mine rail, retrieved from Echo Lakes boat ramp near South Lake Tahoe.    These lengths were above the water level on way to boat house.   Not pristine but can be spiked pretty straight.     Included are joint bars and spikes.   Everything is rusty but useable.  Do not overload without close spacing support.     Most recently (October 2018) used to move 20 ton Canadian PCC Trolley Car to different location in Colfax CA storage yard.

Could be used to move item heavy as caboose if you laid directly on smooth driveway or parking lot pavement, for example.   4 X 12 planks cut to fit- no gaps- run lengthwise under rail also worked on some jobs.     Use threaded gauge rods to secure track spacing & move equipment with light weight rails on planks/paved surface.

5 X 18' = 90'     4 X 16' = 64'   4 X 15' = 60'    Odd short/curved lengths 30'  Selling  334' +-  for $660, ~$200./ft.  We have transported these lengths on pickup truck with rack.   Or, flat bed trailer.     Weight with gauge rods, spikes & bars approximately 1/2 ton,    


Local pickup only: Pickup location will be updated after order is received.

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