1 inch Scale Locomotive Jack Stand

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1 inch Scale Locomotive Jack Stand

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  • 4-3/4" gauge. Actual track length = 60".
  • Easily handles 270# plus live steam locomotive.

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4-3/4" gauge Live Steam locomotive jack stand was built for and used for handling Richard Stolzenfels' world famous NYC L2a Mountain type locomotive.  Proven and used at St. Croix.  Scissors type stand is raised and lowered by automotive screw jack driven by an electric drill (or hand crank if you desire).  36years of storage  has lost the plastic tires from the pivoting front castors, easily replaced.  

     60 inches  is the extreme length of the track itself which is even with the frame on the Non-Swiveling end and extends beyond the frame approximately 4-5/16" on the swiveling end.  The extreme width is 26".  The height ranges from about 19-1/2" to 34-1/2".

     Included  is a transfer track to roll locomotive from jack stand onto the club rails.  Also included is 8 foot pine plank with flangeways for storage and transfer onto Jack Stand.  Offering local pickup, but will consider transporting possibly 200 miles or more for a fee.  The 1", 4-3/4" gauge Milwaukee K1 Praire chassis is not included in this sale, but is shown to provide scale in the photo.


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