Duff Norton Aluminum Track Jack 15 ton

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Duff Norton Aluminum Track Jack 15 ton

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This is used in working order Aluminum 15 ton Duff Track Jack.     Similar to the steel models, but at least 20 lbs less weight than the ferrous metal 15 ton jack.  Interested?  Contact us with your zip code and we will get UPS Ground charge.

Track jacks are used to lift a section of track, one side at a time, so you should have a pair..  

BE SURE you are flagged, have a spotter in both directions, have notified dispatcher and received track and time sufficient to complete the job.  Pay attention to trains on adjacent hot track.   Have positive square purchase so slip-out doesn't castrate you...

Two jacks lift a section of track for removing and replacing ties.   Dig out the  old, compacted ballast/dried mud from under the rail next to the tie being changed.    Dig some more so the jack, with foot in lowered position, will just fit under the bottom of the rail.    Dig out enough on the outboard side so the jacking handle can get in and go up and down full stroke.    With your other jack do the same on the other side.    Be sure the jacks are square in the dug-out hole so they lift straight up and do not slip sideways...  Pace yourself so the foreman does not see you motionless, gasping for breath any more than necessary!   Measured breathing. Straight back much as possible.    

Use a "crow's foot" to pull the spikes from the tie, and pull out of the way.    Slide and pound the renewal tie into position just vacated,     Use the crow's foot to pry tie up against bottom of rail and drive in the spikes.   Go to the other side, gauge the track; get tie pried hard against bottom of rail and hammer in the spikes.  Lower the track with the replacement tie applied, and using the pinch bar,  tamp the gravel ballast around the tie.    Repeat this about 2000 times/mile.    Miller time....  Back for more?

Making a track section on new ground?      We store rail equipment including passenger and freight carts; no mainline stea right now.   We build a section of "Snap Track) to store a car like so:    One man operation; assemble rail, pre=drilled ties, cull 4 X 12 lumber placed om foundation grade crushed gravel bed.     Bring rail parallel with timbers and use track jack to elevate rail and locate on top of timbers full length.  Use spaced under rail to permit sliding ties between rail and foundation 4 X12s.   This railcar storage platform can be done on uneven ground using the gravel bed.     One 76 year old man, a come-along, pickup truck with lift gate and track jack (in the ad).

60 lb rail 30' lengths hauled under Dodge Ram utility truck, chained to front tow hooks and rear trailer hitch  hauled to storage yard  from rail source.    "How to" on request, another solo  chore.   Better to have young help....  This descriptive for future use in case rail equipment scattered around the country needs gathering up for transportation emergency owing to EMP/HAMP events hitting trucking.   Be the one in the crowd knowing about putting together a dormant rail branch... Famine hedge.


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