El Paso 1502 1937 PCC first design series. First PCC in California as San Diego #502

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El Paso 1502 1937 PCC first design series. First PCC in California as San Diego #502

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  • Authenticity Early Pre WWII Industrial Art Deco interpretation.

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For the museum or consultant looking for special show and tell platform for project or convention venue.  Or signature pieces for a heritage streetcar line element in a larger system?    El Paso system or business attraction?   Parts for 2 complete PCC renovations if you take the 2 Toronto cars with the San Diego 502/El Paso 1502  The #4472 is on standard gauge Westinghouse B-3 Trucks.   Toronto #4404 is on rare Canadian Gauge 58 & 7/8 " gauge.

Moving PCC cars is a job for truckers like Taylor Heavy Haul in Roseville CA.   We keep loading  costs down by helping with ramp; moving from track section via lowboy to your track section, without crane costs.     See the PCC cars at the old Telephone Building in Colfax CA

INSPECTION REQUIRED PRIOR TO TRANSACTION     Price  negotiated when lot items & parts are determined.    M.U. Couplers (32 contact) are available.


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