Mancha Titan B 2 2 1/2 Ton Mining Locomotive -- Electric Battery

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Mancha Titan B 2 2 1/2 Ton Mining Locomotive -- Electric Battery

$4,500.00 & Local pickup only.
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  • Great for small area
  • 18 inch gauge

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This is a Mancha Electric Mule made by Mancha Storage Battery and Locomotive Co. It was built July 18, 1924 and was called a Titan PX. This little mining locomotive was last used just outside of Las Vegas, NV at Arden Plaster Mine in the early 1980s. It ran on private property up until about 8 years ago before they began restoration on it. It has its full complement of Edison Batteries. The controller is not original but I believe that something happened to the other and that was why they were changing it out to the this controller, which had not been installed yet. Someone from an eastern railcar museum who was more familiar with these said that it was the most complete style of Mancha Locomotives they had ever seen. It still has the original paint, lights, bell, wood seat, the building plates, etc, from the early 1920s. It has never been subjected to vandalism. The locomotive is about three feet wide and eight feet long. The batteries add most of its weight, which is just under 3 tons. Since it has been in the desert and relatively protected most of its life, it has little deterioration and still rolls freely.
I thought I would be able to restore it but I don't have the time so I am offering it for sale in the hopes someone can put a little into it to get years of enjoyment.
It was delivered to my property by a crane truck used to put air conditioners on roofs so it is not too hard to move. It could be hauled on an auto trailer with no problem. If someone wishes, I could help on this end to get it shipped, though shipping costs will be at the buyer's expense.
I cannot make any guarantees about it since I have it by default and have not been able to work on it. The motors were still working when they started to re-work it and I believe that was mostly cosmetic restoration. I have all the parts that were with it and it appears complete. I will consider offers, please email with any questions.

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