6100 ft rail, 3 Switches, 1 Crossing, Bridge

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6100 ft rail, 3 Switches, 1 Crossing, Bridge

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6,100 total feet of rail, made up of 4,650 feet of 12 lb. and 1,450 feet of 16 lb. rail.
One 18" gauge crossing (criss-cross) and (3) 18" gauge switches with switch stands.
Splice bars, bolts, spikes, and new lag screws also included.

I can help with loading with tractor on the site. Most of the rail pieces are 15'-30' long. Some straight, some curved. Rail is stacked and ready to load.

(A brand new switch is worth about $8,000. This lot has three of them. If you want to build your own railroad or expand one you already have, this is your chance!)

One bridge is included at this price if you want it. It has 15" steel I-beams with wood on the outside.

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